About the Editors


Elliott Dunstan is an author, editor, poet and book reviewer. His poetry and prose has appeared in a number of publications, including but not limited to volumes of In/Words Magazine & Press, Battleaxe Press, Perfectly Normal Mag and CORVUS Journal. Alkimia Fables is his personal passion project. His website and portfolio can be found at elliottdunstan.com. Elliott identifies as transgender, autistic and hard of hearing.


Lisa Davis is a queer writer with a focus on speculative fiction and all things spooky. She is currently working on a novel set in the Alkimia universe, as well as an art and poetry zine. Her poetry can be found at saintlisa.tumblr.com.


Viktor Love [He/Him] is a Swiss-American creator with a keen interest in what makes us human, and has a small theory that it might be storytelling. He grew up in rural North Idaho with frequent visits to his motherland of Switzerland, gaining an appreciation for local folklore and the high mountain ranges. He currently lives in Eugene, Oregon, where he studies anthropology, pre-medicine, and computer science. When his studies allow, he enjoys researching regional cryptids, considering speculative biology, and thinking about space exploration. These are also the main inspirations behind his main projects, Moirai Oscillation (webcomic), the Shadowfell Duology (novels), and Atrial Shatter (interactive fiction.) You can see all his social media and project links here.

As an assistant editor, Viktor handles much of the backstage coding and reigns supreme over the official stick of ‘Elliott Remember to Delegate.’